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1-800-387-5117 (Canada + USA)   |   416-422-4600

J-61 Jauch Conversion Kit

by Jauch

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J-61 Jauch Conversion Kit for Jauch Grandfather unit conversion to Hermle. This conversion kit includes a Hermle clock movement 451-053H.75 (Westminster chime), hands, shim blocks to raise unit to proper height, pendulum hook, seat board screws, and lead chime weight core. The old Jauch unit is marked P1-61 cm on the rear plate. When retro fitting alternative movements, there is always the possibility of problems depending on the casing applications. This retro fit kit is designed to cover all the basic problems involved with the replacement of this Jauch Movement. Please keep in mind the possibility that some changes may have to be made to the casing. The clock dial must be mounted to the case as the dial legs will not be compatible with this retrofit.