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1-800-387-5117 (Canada + USA)   |   416-422-4600 | We are moving! Learn more>>
1-800-387-5117 (Canada + USA)   |   416-422-4600 | We are moving! Learn more>>

About us

PERRIN is your source for all your watch parts and clock parts service and repair needs.

With almost 100 years of experience behind the Perrin name, we pride ourselves on fast dependable service.

We maintain a multitude of in-stock watch parts, clock parts and jewellery findings. If it's not on our shelves we will special order it just for you. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is always ready and waiting to assist you.

We serve the following markets: watch repair, clock repair, jewellers, goldsmiths, watch collectors, hobbyists and fine technicians.

Our History

In 1911, Herman Perrin traveled to Canada from Switzerland to head up the watch repair department of 50 watchmakers for Eatons. Soon after, he began to import and sell balance staffs, mainsprings, and crowns for watches, leading Herman to the importing of other watch parts. In 1929 Herman was joined by his nephew William and H. & W. Perrin Co. Ltd. was formed.

Keeping with family tradition, years later the company was taken over and lead by Edmond Perrin. Edmond, much like Herman and William, valued the importance of knowledgeable, friendly customer service and, perhaps most importantly, dependable service. In the 1970's and 1980’s, Edmond Perrin was joined by both of his sons, sharing with them the important traditions that H. & W. Perrin values.

From generation to generation the Perrin family has made significant strides in creating one of Canada’s leading watch and clock material houses. From our humble beginnings, we are now a complete service supplier of tools, supplies & equipment for watch and clock makers, jewellers, and fine technicians.

Currently lead by Maurice Perrin, and Edmond Perrin Jr., H. & W. Perrin Company Ltd strives to adapt and change with the industry and the ever- advancing market of watches and clocks.

In The Community

PERRIN is committed to enhancing the communities in which we work and live.We are a deeply committed company that is very proud of our community involvement. Combining our love of watches, clocks and jewellery we continuously strive to aid in the development and preservation of the clock, watch and jewellery trades.

Our charitable and non-profit support is directed towards scholarship programs that encourage personal development in an educational setting in which the student is motivated to reach their maximum potential. We believe that education is key for growth and preservation of these trades. Through scholarship programs we hope to give back to our community by building on the knowledge that has helped build our company. It is with great pride that we provide scholarships to George Brown College, Georgian College, École de Joailliere de Québec, and Bel-Avenir de Trois Rivière.

The Awards

  • George Brown College - H & W Perrin Award

  • Georgian College - H & W Perrin Company Ltd Jewellery and Metals Awards

  • École de Joallière de Québec- Merit Awards for the Quebec Jewellery School

  • Bel-Avenir de Trois Rivières- Merit Awards for the National School of Horology