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1-800-387-5117 (Canada + USA)   |   416-422-4600
1-800-387-5117 (Canada + USA)   |   416-422-4600

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Hours of Operation

We are available via phone, email and fax from:

Monday – Thursday: 8:15am-5:15 pm

Friday: 8:15 am-4:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

We are a mail order business and do not offer service at the pick up counter.

Pick up your pre-ordered items from our counter:

Monday- Thursday: 8:15am-4:45pm

Friday: 8:15 am-3:45 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed


Oui, nous parlons Français!  Placez vos commandes soit par téléphone, par courriel ou par télécopieur


Don't want to order online?

Here are other easy ways to place your order:

1. Phone: 416-422-4600 800-387-5117 (Toll Free Canada & USA)

2. Fax: 416-422-0290 800-741-6139 (Toll Free Canada & USA)

3. Mail: H. & W. Perrin Co. Ltd. 90 Thorncliffe Park Drive Toronto, Ontario Canada M4H 1N5 We are a mail-order business.

4. Email us using the contact form below.