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How To Measure a Standard Swiss Style Waterproof Crown

This is a step by step guide explaining how to properly measure a standard swiss style waterproof crown. It will make your ordering simple and your watch crown repairs perfect everytime!

A) Outside Diameter of Crown.
B) Outside Diameter of Case Tube.
C) Thread size
D) Crown Height

Tools You Will Need: To make this task super easy, you will need just one simple tool- a Micrometer or a Vernier type Caliper. We recommend using a Digital Caliper. A ruler will not suffice for a task like this. You need to be able to measure to the nearest 0.10 mm.

A) Outside Diameter of the Crown
Measure the existing original crown. If the original is missing, not to worry, but you will have to estimate. Inspect the case and see if there are any depressions or raised shoulders on the side wall of the case. This will help indicate the probable size. If indicators such as these are not available, you will have to estimate based on the aesthetic appearance of the case thickness.

B) Outside Diameter of the Case Tube
Using your Digital Caliper, measure the outside diameter of the case tube where the crown fits on. This measurement must be precise as it ensures a properly fitting crown and a water resistant seal.

C) Thread Size
Using your Digital Caliper, once again, measure the diameter of the threads located inside the crown on the stem.

D) Crown Height
Measuring the Crown Height is important for the overall aesthetics of the watch. For example, if the crown is too low it may not sit tightly against the case of the watch. If the crown is too high it could awkwardly protrude from the side of case. To make sure your measurements are accurate, we recommend that you use the digital calipers.