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1-800-387-5117 (Canada + USA)   |   416-422-4600

Quantrex 310H

by LR
SKU LR-725

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Quantrex 310H Ultrasonic Cleaning System is ideal for clock, watch, jewellery, and fine tool cleaning. It is constructed of metal and stainless steel, using only the finest materials and workmanship. The Quantrex 310 features a timer, pilot light, drain, fan cooled, with heater and 13 quarts capacity. This Ultrasonic machine has overall dimensions of 16 1/2" x 10" x 12" and internal tank dimension of 15 1/2" x 9" X 6". The Quantrex 310 has an input of 2.6 amps (300 Watts) and a peak output of 850 Watts (42 KHz). Stainless steel mesh baskets to fit Q310 available separately.