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Timetrax 185 Clock Timer

SKU 24-517

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Timetrax 185 Clock Timer this electric clock timer and amplifier measures the rate of mechanical clocks by sensing escapement action and mechanical sounds of the escapement. Use on carragiage clocks to 400 day and Atmos clocks. It reads vibrations per hour. Timetrax also features a digital balance mode that helps place a clock in beat and has a built in audio beat amplifier. *Batteries not included. Specifications are as follows:

  • 4" wide x 7" high x 1.75" deep
  • 11 ounces in weight
  • 4.5 digit high contrast display
  • LCD train range is 100 to 19, 999 BPH
  • Preset average is 2 to 130 in steps of 2
  • Monitor (visual) has a flashing LED with each tick
  • Built in beat amplifier with a dynamic speaker
  • 50ppm quartz crystal timebase
  • 8 bit CMOS processor