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RL753-H2 Swiss Watch Movement


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RL753-H2 Swiss RL 753-H2 Swiss Ronda Normtech Quartz Movement is a 3 hand (hour/minute/sweep second) Swiss assembled. This ladies movement is an 5 1/2 x 6 3/4 ligne movement, dimensions are 13.00 mm x 15.1 5mm with a height of 2.50 mm, movement height H2. This is a 5 jewel movement, gilt plates, using a 379 battery with hand dimensions 120/70/20 (hour/minute/seconds). The best way to determine your movement height is to measure the height of the hour wheel on the movement you are replacing. Movement height H2 has an hour wheel with a height of 1.15 mm.

Movement Interchange
Bulova 6201
ETA (ESA) 801.104 hands are different, 977.101 dial feet & hands are different
France Ebauches FE 5130
Harley Ronda RL 752
PUW 500
Timex M653 hands are different