RL4120B Swiss Watch Movement

Product #: WM-RL4120B-SW

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RL4120B Swiss RL 4120B Swiss Ronda Startech Quartz Movement is a 2 hand (hour/minute) Swiss assembled with 2 indicators (alarm and seconds) plus LARGE DATE at the 6 o'clock position. This gents movement is a 12 1/2 ligne movement, dimensions are 28.00 mm in diameter with a height of 4.40 mm. This is a 7 jewel movement, gilt plates, using a 395 battery. The large hands at the center of the movement (hour and minute) have dimensions 150/90 (hour/minute). The indicator at the 10 o'clock position has two small hour and minute hands to set the alarm. These hands have dimension of 0.80/0.40 mm (hour/minute). The indicator at the 2 o'clock position records seconds. This hand has a dimension of 0.20. The date appears at the 6 o'clock position using ten's and units (2 windows).