RL1069 Height 2 Swiss Watch Movement (9346110980)

Product #: WM-RL1069-H2SW

RL1069 Height 2 Swiss RL 1069 Height 2 Swiss Ronda Slimtech Quartz Movement is a 3 hand (hour/minute/small second) movement, Swiss assembled. This ladies movement is a 6 3/4 x 8 ligne movement, dimensions are 15.30 mm x 17.80 mm with a height of 2.30 mm, movement height H2. This is a 6 jewel movement, gilt plates, using a 321 battery with hand dimensions 120/70/20 (hour/minute/small second). The best way to determine your movement height is to measure the height of the hour wheel on the movement you are replacing. Movement height H2 has an hour wheel with a height of 1.98 mm. The distance between the hour wheel to the small second pinion is 6.30 mm (center to center).