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ETA G15-261 Height 3 Watch Movement

by ETA
SKU WM-G15-261-H3-4S

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ETA G15-261 Height 3 ETA G15.261 Height 3 Multi Function, Split-Time Quartz Chronograph Watch Movement. This movement has 3 hands at the center (hours/minutes/60 seconds timer). In addition there are 3 indicators, one at the 2 o'clock position (5 minutes counter), one at 6 o'clock position (second hand) and one at 10 o'clock position (60 minute timer). Movement has a calendar window at the 4 o'clock position, numbers are imprinted in a suspended fashion. (Suspended imprinting means the calendar reads on an angle.) This movement is a gents 10 1/2 ligne movement, 23.30 mm in diameter with a height of 5.25 mm, movement height H3. Plates are nickel colour, 6 jewels, uses 394 battery. Hand dimensions are 150/90/30/20 (hour/minute/center seconds/indicators). The best way to determine your movement height is to measure the height of the hour wheel on the movement you are replacing. Movement height H3 has an hour wheel with a height of 2.01 mm.