Maxell Silver Oxide Premium Watch Battery SR927W

Product #: BT-SR927W

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Maxell Watch Battery SR927W Foil Pack is a silver oxide high drain battery 1.55 V. Watch Battery SR927W measures 9.5 x 2.7mm. It is mercury free and has a capacity of 55 mAh. Convenient strips of 5 cells will fit into your cell cabinet drawers or can be hung on the wall. Strips are perforated so that cells can be separated for individual sale or simply popped out the back of strip for in-store use. 

Interchange: Energizer 399, Renata 399, Varta V399, Rayovac 399, Duracell D395/399, Timex W, Citizen 280-44, Seiko SB-BP, I.E.C SR927 (SR57)

*Please order in increments of 5.