Freeman Aqua Green Injection Wax (10444078735)

Product #: 21-030010


Freeman Aqua Green Injection Wax a 1 lb bag of Freeman Aqua Green Injection Wax. An important part of the jewellery casting process! A bag of wax chips to place in a wax injector. The injector melts the wax. The wax then gets injected into a rubber mold and creates a wax model for the jewellery item. This wax model will go through many more processes to become a casting in the desired metal. This wax is an all-purpose detail wax. Freeman formulations are known for their high pattern detail, fast wax solidification, minimal shrinkage and low ash content (0.003%), which enables the cleanest burnout and most accurate jewellery reproductions possible. This wax is designed for platinum, gold and silver as well as industrial and dental alloys. Injection temperature is 65C/150F.