Genuine Citizen Capacitor 295-76

Product #: BT-295-76

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Genuine Citizen Capacitor 295-76 Citizen part number 295-76. This capacitor replaces the old Citizen part numbers 295-46 and 295-61. Capacitor is marked MT516. To be used with Citizen A930G, Citizen A930N, Citizen A980G, Citizen B020M, Citizen B023M, Citizen B030M, Citizen B030N, Citizen B031M, Citizen B033M, Citizen B035M, Citizen B036M, Citizen B080M, Citizen F780M. 

New capacitors are not supplied charged. After installing a new capacitor in your watch, you will need to expose the watch to light. The charging of the capacitor can take hours. A watch should be fully charged, before it is worn again. Some models require up to 5 hours of direct sunlight and some others require a light source at 3000 Lux.  Please consult your owners manual for precise instructions. Capacitors can only be shipped via ground mail.

*Please note CAPACITORS - ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No credit or exchange will be issued.