Elite 1067 ZX Plus GemOro Microscope

Product #: 56-1587


Elite 1067 ZX Plus GemOro Microscope features superior Japanese quality optics for crisp, clear, distortion free viewing. This is a 10x - 67x zoom microscope with new ELITE base and built-in overhead light source.

The specifics:

  • Full LED lighting - top and bottom (dark field) illumination)
  • LED Gooseneck overhead light source.
  • Magnetic rollerball stone holder / gem clip – patent pending.
  • Convenient handle for easy and safe transport.
  • Increased ergonomics with the low-positioned over-sized focusing knobs.
  • Forearms may now rest on the stage without fatigue after extended use.
  • Improved WF-15X eyepieces, providing crisp 10X-67X magnification.
  • Universal voltage power: 100V-240V with auto-switching.
  • True professional darkfield / brightfield illumination with a sliding baffle.
  • Adjustable iris diaphragm controls the width of the lower light
  • 360º rotating head for convenience.
  • Includes gem clip stone holder, eye guards and dust cover.
  • Features a 5-year mechanical warranty and a 2-year electrical warranty.