Universal Verge #1

Product #: 79-010


Universal Verge #1 is a universal verge that can be adjusted as required. Universal Verge #1 fits: Ansonia School 34T, E.N Welch 30 Hr. Shelf T & S 34T, E.N Welch 8-Day Shelf 29T, E.N Welch Eclipse Cal 34T, E.N Welch 8 Day Kitchen 41T, E.N Welch School 32T, Gilbert 8-Day Kitchen 41T, Gilbert 8-Day Shelf 42T, Ingraham 8- Day Shelf 42T, Ingraham 8-Day Kitchen 27T, Ingraham 30Hr. Kitchen 45T, Ingraham School 36T, Ithaca Calendar 36T, Japanese School 32T, New Haven 8-Day Kitchen 37T, Sessions Regulator 34T, Sessions School 32T, Sessions 8-Day Shelf 41T, S. Thomas 30 Hr. Shelf 48T, Terry & Andrews 48T, Waterbury 8-Day Kitchen 36T & 42T, Waterbury School 42T.

Product # 79-010