Here is what's happening at PERRIN and what you can expect over the next little while.
  • Open Our hours have resumed to our normal hours of operation Monday-Thursday 8:15am to 5:15pm, Friday 8:15am to 4pm.
  • Phone System Our phone lines are up and operational. We will be answering phone calls between 8:15am to 5:15pm. We are still running a smaller crew than normal, please be patient and leave us a message.
  • Curbside Pick Up Curbside pick up will be available for pre-ordered/pre paid items at the side door of our warehouse, where you'll be able to pick up your orders from our shipping department. As we will continue to be short staffed, we will not be able to provide any service at the side door -- strictly pick up only. In order to protect you and our employees, you will not be able to enter the warehouse. You'll be prompted to buzz at the side door, provide a name/phone number (for contact tracing) and we'll gather your parcel for you. Please allow 24hrs for us to process your pick up orders.
  • Shipping We will be processing shipments daily. With the pandemic, all couriers are facing larger than normal volumes of shipments. There are delays. Regardless of the postal service, delays are around 2 weeks (in rare circumstances we are seeing delays of 8 weeks). If your order is International, delays may be even longer due to delays at customs. This is beyond our control. Please be patient and understanding.
  • Staffing As demand requires it and as our safety protocols allow it, we will slowly bring in more staff. Our orders department, crystals department, shipping department, invoicing department and accounting department will be staffed. We will be staffed by a smaller crew so please be patient. If we are unable to answer your call -- leave us a message.
  • Safety Some of the steps we are taking to ensure safety at our work place is to maintain social distancing within the office, reduce contact with customers (for everyones safety), staggered lunches, increased cleaning/disinfection measures, and sick policies in which we require staff to stay home if they or family members feel ill.
  • Our Ask Of You We kindly ask you to please be patient.


We sincerely thank you for your continued support.

Maurice & Ed Perrin