Product #: 68-89200


Greiner Vibrograf Compact 900 Greiner Vibrograf Compact 900 is an all purpose watch timing instrument for testing mechancial watches, quartz watches, pendulum clocks as well as pocket watches. The results are displayed on a colour LCD display, 256 colour, 12 x 9cm, 320 x 240 pixels. Features an integrated speaker for controlling beat noises. Can be operated either in automatic or manual mode. Equipped with "Automatic Standby" (low current) while not measuring a signal. All indications are graphical and alpanumercial. 110 volt. Results can be printed alpanumerically with a serial printer or transferred to your computer. If given, your company data can be printed on the printout header. The measured data can be transferred automatically every (x) seconds to your PC graphic and can be indicated as a long term graphic. Printer and Microphone are not included, must be purchased separately. This is a special order item, please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for delivery.

Measures: Mechanical Watches - Rate error, amplitude, out of beat in milliseconds

  • Special program for Co-Axial-escapements
  • Oscillographical noise-meter
  • Microphone 68-88001 must be purchased separately.

Quartz Watches - Rate error, motor impulse (inductive), quartz frequency (acoustic)

  • Automatic calculation and indication of inhibition
  • Consumption of electricity: operational current, quiescent current.
  • Supply Voltage for watches is adjustable for 0.5 to 3.3 volt
  • Checking of battery as will as step motor ohms.
  • Microphone 68-88002 (good for quartz and mechanical) must be purchased separately


Pendulum Clocks - Measuring of rate error with a light sensor (Light sensor must be purchased separately)

  • Measuring of rate error with accoustical clamp microphone (Accoustical microphone must be purchased separately)
  • Automatic calculation and indication of beat rate (if unknown)