ETA 282.001 Height 4 Watch Movement (9345978756)

Product #: WM-282-001-H4


ETA 282.001 Height 4 Quartz Watch Movement ESA 282.001 Height 4 Quartz Watch Movement is a 2 hand movement (hour/minute). This movement is a ladies rectangular shaped movement 5 1/2 x 8 ligne (13.00 mm x 18.20 mm) with a height of 1.20 mm, movement height H4. Plates are gold colour, 13 jewels, uses 346 battery. Hand dimensions are 100/55 (hour/minute). The best way to determine your movement height is to measure the height of the hour wheel on the movement you are replacing. Movement height H4 has an hour wheel with a height of 1.70 mm.

Movement Interchange
Omega 1470, 1471
PUW 111