Stainless Steel Threaded Bar with Rivets for Metal Bands - 1 to 1.50 mm

Product #: 68-1178


These bars are used for attaching the metal watch bands to the watch case. Bar is supplied in a 30 mm length, and can be cut to length. One side of this bar is a hollow bar that receives a rivet. This allows you to cut the bar to length, insert and fasten the rivet, install the bar to the case. The other side of the bar has an internal thread to accept a threaded screw. This assortment contains a total of 40 bars (diameters 1.00 to 1.50 mm) with screws and rivets. Bars are supplied with a solid tube, to prevent the bar from collapsing while cutting. Set includes numbers 68-1178-151030, 151130, 161230, 181330, 201330, 251330, 201530, 251530, 301530 & 351530. Refills are available.