Red Brick Watch Winder

Product #: BX-F-BWS-F-4


Red Brick Watch Winder a great watch winder for the automatic watch collector. With an edgy, modern look, this Boxy Brick Watch Winder not only keeps your watches wound but also protects them from dust, and other airborn contaminants. The Boxy Watch Winder is perfect for the collector with an every-growing collection as you can stack them vertically, or line them up horizontally. With the Singular Brick Watch Winder you can stack a total of three watch winders using a single AC adaptor. If your collection requires more than three watch winders and to keep your area clear of wires, we recommend the Power Extended Station which allows you to stack up to 12 watch winders using a single AC adaptor. This Brick Watch Winder comes complete with the watch winder casing, watch cushion and mount, plastic cap, and 4 eva insulators. The Brick Watch Winder, will accommodate any automatic watch as it provides 3 directional modes; clockwise, automatic bidirectional,and counterclockwise and has 3 Turns Per Day Settings, that will rotate your watch from 28, 40, or 52 turns each hour. This Brick watch winder offers 15 different TPD (turns per day) settings from 650 TPD to 3,600 TPD.