Presidium Gem Tester

Product #: 56-720


Presidium Gem Tester is a light and portable instrument that instantly identifies diamonds and most colored gemstones based on their thermal properties.

Presidium Gemstone Tester / Colored Stone Estimator is the only colored gemstone thermal tester in the industry. It provides a quick and easy way to identify diamonds and separate common colored gemstones fom one another based on their thermal conductivity. Coated gemstones can also be generally tested with this Presidium Gem Tester. This tester has a retractable probe tip that ensures consistent pressure against the gemstone during testing for more reliable results. With the industry's thinnest probe tip size of 0.6mm, this tester will test diamonds as small as 0.02ct. This tester does not differentiate between natural and synthetic colored gemstones. Features are as follows:

*Retractable thermoelectric probe tip that ensures constant pressure between probe and gemstone

*Industry's thinnest probe (0.6mm) for testing diamonds as small as 0.02ct.

*Metal alert buzzer to ensure that probe tip is in contact with gemstone during testing

*Clear and easy-to-read analog dial

*Multi-colored gemstone display

*No waiting time between tests

*Built-in diamond and simulant test discs for reference

*Powered by 2 AA batteries or adaptor

*Leather carrying case included