MTG-4000T Multifunctional Timegrapher

Product #: 67-19174


The MTG-4000T is a 3 channel model especially for watch manufacturing, watch traders, and final quality check. It is possible to measure three watches with the same beat rate at the same time and show the results simultaneously on the 7" backlit, color LCD screen. MTG-4000T measures beat rate, beat error and balance amplitude of up to 3 watches simultaneously. The gain of the input signal is adjusted automatically, but can be manually adjusted for movements with very strong or weak signal. Unit also detects and sets the beat number (can also be set manually). Detects beats 18,000–19,600–21,600–25,200–28,800–36,000. Beat error is tracked vertically on the screen with 4 different color modes. Displayable diagram height 180 dots. Supplied with 3 pieces of 6 position microphones, manual, dust cover and external power source connection.

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