MTG-3000 Multifunctional Timegrapher

Product #: 67-19159


This model features a big, high resolution backlit LCD screen with 4 different display modes. It measures beat rate, beat error, beat number and amplitude. It can record up-to 2048 beats and offers a "Pause" and "Shift" function to pause measuring and view the previous 2048 beats. Furthermore this unit comes with a programed test mode: The watch can be tested in up-to 6 positions (positions can be selected). After completion of the test program the test results are displayed as a test report, which includes beat rate, beat error and amplitude in each single position. It also shows the maximum difference of the beat rate and amplitude of the 6 positions. Supplied with 6 position microphone, manual, dust cover and external power source connection. Optional printer available.

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