Hermle Clock Movement 1161-850BS (10593252559)

Product #: CM-1161-850BS-94


Hermle Clock Movement 1161-850BS an FHS Hermle Mechanical Clock Movement that has a plate size of 140 x 200 mm and a hand shaft length of 33 mm. This movement features an 8 day triple chime (4/4 Westminster, Whittington, St. Michael) cable drive, dead beat escape, auto beat verge, and 12 hammers at back. It has a seconds hand feature for dials with seconds bit (cables and pulleys included). Hermle movement 1161-850BS has a pendulum length of 94 cm or 114 cm. In reference to the image key hole positions are A: 77.4mm B: 77.8 mm C: 44.40 mm.