Clock Kit #4 Moon Phase Lyre Hermle 1161-853BS-114

Product #: CP-KIT4


Clock Kit #4 Moon Phase Lyre Hermle 1161-853BS-114 Kit contains everything you need to put together your own clock, with the exception of the case. Supplied with this kit are the following items: Hermle 1161-853BS-114cm, 73-414 dial with seconds bit (280 x 280 x 395 roman), 74-081-9B black hands, 74-046 second hand, 73-814 gong base complete, 76-417 lyre pendulum bob dia. 220mm, 3 weight shells 79-652-2 (60 x 245 polished), 2 weight cores 79-665, 1 weight core 79-666. 3 weight nuts 79-716, 3 weight hooks 79-717, 1 pkg movement clamps CP-1450, 1 pkg seat board screws, 1 moon phase pinion CP-1070, chime selector CP-0954, night shut off rod CP-1252.

*Please note that clock kits are shipped with UPS only.