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Castaldo No Shrink Pink Mold Rubber - Ready Cut

SKU 22-587

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No Shrink Pink Ready Cut No Shrink Pink Castaldo Ready Cut Rubber is supplied in pre-cut sizes. If it's pink - it won't shrink. This eliminates casting shrinkage without the need for expensive, messy and time consuming liquid molding compounds. No Shrink Pink is a normal vulcanizing rubber that can produce wax castings for exactly the same size of your original model in approximately 90 minutes. Requires special times, temperatures and procedures. Experience and skill, as well as experimentation on the part of the user are required to achieve optimum results. Just open the box and these handy pre-cut sizes are ready to use. Pieces measure 1 7/8" x 2 7/8" x 1/8" and will fit most commonly available mold making frames. Packed in a box containing 5 lbs of rubber (approximately 15 to 25 pieces). Complete set of instructions are enclosed in each box of rubber.