black leather watch strap
335 Smooth Leather Watch Strap black leather watch strap brown leather watch strap black extra large leather watch strap brown extra large leather watch strap

Product #: ST-335-1-6R


335 Smooth Plain Calf Skin Watch Strap a classic and simple look for any watch. This watch band is genuine calf skin, which makes it super soft and comfortable to wear. This strap is available in both black and brown aswell as in a multitude of sizes. Select the size and colour that best suits your watch. Lug/Buckle Measurements: 6mm/6mm, 8mm/8mm, 10mm/8mm, 12mm/10mm, 14mm/10mm, 15mm/12mm, 16mm/14mm, 17mm/14mm, 18mm/14mm, 19mm/14mm.