Boxy Quad Deluxe Watch Winder (9290746500)
Boxy Quad Deluxe Watch Winder (9290746500) Boxy Quad Deluxe Watch Winder (9290746500)

Product #: BX-DC-04B


Boxy Quad Deluxe Watch Winder the dependable "Boxy" watch winder, all dressed up in a deluxe case to hold four watches. This all black casing is designed to stand canted for easy viewing of the watch. Each individual winder can be independently set for rotation and number of turns to suit each of the watches in the winder. Casing measures H 6½" x D 7" x W 16½". This watch winder features 15 TPD (turn per day) settings from 650 to 3600. A light sensor controls the accuracy of the TPD & rotating position. Off/On switch and LED power indicator for each watch. It has three winding modes: clockwise, automatic bidirectional and counter clockwise. This watch winder is belt driven making it extremely quiet and long lasting. AC/DC adapter included. 1 year manufacturer warranty. Available in black and brown.