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Ambassador Dapping Punch and Cutter Set

SKU 25-228500

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Ambassador Dapping Punch and Cutter Set Ambassador dapping set is a comprehensive assembly of forming dies and daps, providing the craftsman a wide range of shapes and sizes. Set contains a total of 62 pieces. Precision made, highly polished dapping punches are made from tool steel and hardened to 50 HRC, both the hit and work ends. This unique tempering method leaves the shank of the punch at mill hardness. This allows the handle to absorb the shock and prevents crystallization of the metal. This technique enhances the performance and durability of the tool. This is the "ambassador" when it comes to dapping sets. Set includes: 30 piece set of dapping punches from 2.8 mm to 50.8 mm, 122 piece set of cutters from 2.8 mm to 22.2 mm, a 5 piece set if ID (inside diameter) punches, 1 piece 2" x 2" dapping block, 1 piece designer block, 1 piece 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" dapping block and 1 piece dapping block with 27 depressions. All these punches, cutters and blocks are nestled in a wooden base with size and or numbers indicated.