Thick Black Leather Watch Strap (9602714447)
Thick Stitched Leather Watch Strap (9602714447) Thick Black Leather Watch Strap (9602714447) Thick Brown Leather Watch Strap (9602714447)

Product #: ST-373-1-22R

373 Stitched Leather Band a thick stitched leather watch strap. This strap is alot fun and looks great with a silver case. This strap is reminiscent of driving gloves, it has somewhat of a sporty and edgy look to it. This band is available in black with grey stitching and slightly distressed leather or brown with a light brown stitching and also slightly distressed leather. This is one of our favourites at the moment! Lug and buckle measurements are as follows: 22mm/22mm, 24mm/24mm, 26mm/26mm.