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1-800-387-5117 (Canada + USA)   |   416-422-4600


Tools For All Trades

  • $201.02

    Sprue Cutter

    Sprue Cutter Sturdy, double reduction. First quality. Useful for cutting.

  • Economy Slimline End Cutter (1852416950306)

    Economy Slimline End Cutter

    Economy Slimline End Cutter Box joint construction. Polished heads with double leaf spring return. Plastic grip handles. Overall length is 4-1/2".

  • Jump Ring Maker JRM2 (11704196943)

    Jump Ring Maker JRM2

    Jump Ring Maker JRM2 is newly redesigned and better than ever. This tool features the following: Powder coated black aluminum base. Precision mac...

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